Social Tip Tap – Engage in a social dining experience with free tip calculator, share experience with Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, call cab, find nearby bars and restaurants

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Social Tip Tap strives to enrich your dining experience. Starting from the moment where you are paying for your food, it engages you with a Tip calculator, makes it easy for you to share your experience (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram) with your friends and helps you in your immediate next activity. Whether you had too much to drink and want to call a cab or you want to make it a dinner and a movie or go bar hopping, this App makes it easier for you to engage in that next moment…

Fun elegant tip calculator – No need for keyboard! Spin the wheels on the left to select Amount, Tips and number of people and the wheels on the right to set the corresponding values. Total Pay, Tips, and pay per head amounts magically appear below. Simple!!!

Share your dining experience with your friends and family with Twitter and Facebook. Share picture of favorite foods and restaurant with Instagram and pin them with Pinterest!

Had too much to drink, or want to make it a dinner and a movie or go bar hopping with your friends?? Just click on the location icon to call a cab, or to find nearby theaters and movies (with ratings!!), restaurants and bars.

Change the background by clicking the refresh icon!

Shake your phone or tablet to reset the calculator!

Download Cravings to ensure that you meet your daily calorie goals or to plan in advance by limiting your breakfast, lunch or snacks calorie intake to prepare for today’s special night out.

Social Tip Tap enriches your dining experience. Spread the word!


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